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Shipyard / Upset Welding Hooks
Hooks with 10% Greater Strength

  • Available in YA & YIII Series
  • Capacities 0.8t, 1t, 1.6t, and 3.2t
  • High Stiffness on Top and Bottom Hooks

The hooks have been made stiffer by thoroughly quenching during production. The value of permanent deformation of the breaking load point is now 10% higher than our original hooks.

  • Equipped with Overload Protection (YIIIS Series)

The overload protection device of the YIIIS and the durable point load hooks help to prevent damage to the hoist, as well as injury to personnel.

  • Reducing Maintenance Cost (YIIIS Series)

The Overload Protection Device of the YIIIS and the durable point load hooks help to prevent damages that a normal hoist without overload protection would endure, thus reducing annual repair cost.

  • Three Protrusions on the Hooks

The shipyard hook has protrusions on each side of the hook to help prevent a load from slipping off. The protrusions also help to measure the distance of the hook’s opening.


Shipyards, Fabrication Facilities, Upset Welding, Pulling Angle Iron, and other Industrial Applications

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