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Power Hoistman – Cordless Drill Driven and Hand Crank Hoist

The Power Hoistman is beneficial for areas that lack electrification, useful within narrow spaces, and low headroom applications. The hoist can be operated by:

  • Connecting a power drill directly to the drive mechanism
  • Connecting a power drill to the flexible drive shaft
  • Using the hand crank directly to the drive mechanism
  • Connecting the hand crank handle to the flexible drive shaft
  • Standard product is attached with powershaft 5ft, a bit and a handle
  • Lifting speed meets the below specifications when r.p.m. of  cordless driver drill is 1,300.
  • Please apply 15.6V cordless driver drill to EHMF-38.
  • Do not use electric or pneumatic impact driver.
  • Option: 8ft powershaft
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