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Ex H100 Spark Resistant Series, Hook Mount

The EX H100 Spark Resistant manual chain hoist offers a safe and reliable solution for lifting and moving loads in certified use in potentially explosive environments. It is a hand chain hoist that can be attached to a hook, lug, trolley, or beam clamp, and can handle loads up to 20 tons. It has a spark resistant design that adheres to the EU standards for explosion proof manual chain hoists. It also features anti-drop plates, anti-tilt devices, and overload protection for added safety. The EX H100 is suitable for various industries, such as oil and gas, chemical, mining, and aerospace.

  • 0.5t through 20t capacity
  • Hand chain hoists, push & geared trolleys
  • II 2 GD c II B T105 °C
  • Adheres to the Council Directive and Standards in the EU for explosion proof manual chain hoists. 94/9/EC : ATEX EN1127-1 :2008, EN13463-1 : 2009, EN13463-5 : 2003

Note: It is the user’s responsibility to properly identify which spark resistant classification is required for their application, not the hoist manufacturer or distributor.

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