Universal Grippa Clamp

Universal Grippa Clamp

The Universal Grippa Clamp is a versatile and reliable clamp that can be used for lifting, pulling, or suspending loads from beams or girders. This clamp has a unique design that allows it to grip on both the flange and the web of the beam, providing a secure and stable anchor point. The clamp can be easily adjusted to fit different beam sizes and shapes, and has a low headroom design that maximizes the available space. The Universal Grippa Clamp is an ideal solution for various rigging applications. They extremely robust and require little maintenance.

  • Designed for vertical & side load applications at full rated capacity
  • Developed for lifting, pulling, and as an anchor point
  • The raised eye design allows for a full 90° side pull from both sides
  • Low headroom concept
  • Can be rated for personnel tie-off, upon request
  • 4:1 safety factor
  • Individually Load tested to 2x the rated load

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