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VA & HAR Plate Clamps

  • Heavy duty industrial design, Made in JAPAN
  • Elephant’s clamp mechanism will visually inform the end user of potential danger cased by wear or previous overload upon the user’s inspection, before use
  • ƒThe lifting eye has vertical and horizontal hole punches which allow the end user to check for overload. For example, if the lifting eye appears oblong on a 1t clamp and the difference of distance between two vertical holes or two horizontal holes are more than 0.08” (2mm), then the overload was about 6 tons
  • Overload will first appear as a visual indicator on the lifting eye, when it oblongs. After the eye, deformation will appear in the link assembly, and then the lifting eye pin.
  • The tread on the clamp’s cam will wear with time, allowing a visual inspection. As the teeth wear down, the user visually notes to make repair
  • The clamps have yellow indicators painted on the side plates, which allow the user to check whether or not the load is properly placed within the clamp before use (going past or above the yellow line, verses going above or next to the yellow line). See the user manual for more detailed information.
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